Court’s Writ of Arrest for Sunanda Kikla Backfires

A hearing for a writ (document) that landed Madam Sunanda Kikla, a Canadian national behind bars at the Monrovia Central Prison, failed to take place on Monday, January 27, at the Monrovia City Court.

The reason was that the state lawyer claimed he did not authorize the court clerk to prepare the document; neither did he have any knowledge as to how it was prepared.

Madam Kikla is the president of Fraser Community College in British Columbia, a province of Canada.

She was jailed on Friday, January 25 following a “Writ of Arrest” issued on behalf of six (6) Liberian students by the court, alleging she received over US$4,000 to award scholarships to them to study at her college, unfortunately, that did not happen.

They were to study in various disciplines ranging from engineering, information technology, and agriculture among others.

She was later released after her lawyer secured a bail bond for her to appear at the Court on Monday.

According to Ms. Kikla, her trip to Liberia was to update the students about the status of their scholarships.

“Though, they were denied, we have filed an application to the Federal Court in Canada to look into the case. This is why I came back to encourage them. But they were not patient. If I wanted to dupe them why would I decide to come back?” she wondered.

“I’m here because we went to help Liberians to study in Canada,” she said.

Delving into the scholarship issue and the legitimacy of the college, Ms. Kikla said, “the college does exist and we have an agreement with the students regarding the refund of their money. In this case you can’t blame the college. We provided them with the opportunity but they misused it. They decided to cheat, so you can hold us responsible for their actions,” she concluded.

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