Syrian refugees unhappy with London’s hospitality: Canadian shawarma disappoints those fleeing “war torn area”?

A few days ago, The Rebel shared with you a story about a London, Ontario refugee family looking to go back to Syria because of their dissatisfaction of life in Canada.

It appears that family isn’t alone.

A number of the 1,000 Syrian refugees that have resettled in London–a city of 380,000–have signed a letter to the city’s primary resettlement agency, the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre, to complain about the way they’ve been treated.

The letter, signed by “The new Syrian community in London, ON,” details a number of concerns the refugees have had with the entry to Canada.

They said the hotel had a “restaurant well-known for it’s (sic) bad reputation and terrible service” and was “severely understaffed and could not accommodate to our numbers.”

They also said that medical attention was only available quickly when there were emergency situations. Isn’t that when you need quick medical attention?

In the letter, the refugees also charge that the food “was very bad and borderline unsuitable for human consumption.”

According to a London Free Press article, the problem with the food, which was catered from a local restaurant, was that it was “Canadian Middle Eastern” food, rather than authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

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