Alberta yellow vest protests lack violence seen in Paris, but anti-immigration anger simmers

Four people were killed, hundreds injured and streets were littered with flaming cars and broken glass as thousands clad in yellow vests partook in violent protests in France in recent weeks against a planned increase to the fuel tax.

The protest movement has now spread across the globe, but in Alberta, which may be Canada’s centre of anti-carbon-tax discontent, the yellow vest protests Saturday were free from physical violence.

“We are Canadian, we’re not anywhere close to that kind of radical,” said Allison Prentice, who was clad in a yellow vest at the Calgary protest. “I’m proud to be here and represent people who care about Canadians first.”

The burning anger, which seemed to be lit by multiple fuses, still meant threats of violence were on the lips of attendees who linked frustration over economic woes caused by low oil prices to the country’s immigration policies — a sharp departure from the wide-ranging motivations of French protesters who appear to be primarily concerned with wealth inequality.

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