FATAH: Why are Sikh Liberal MPs upset at the mention of Khalistani extremists?


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Ruby Sahota (@MPRubySahota) | Twitter

The rise of ethno-religious identity-based politics in Canada’s political discourse has reached troubling proportions. One wonders if some members of Parliament speak as Canadians or are mere representatives of their religion, race and ancestral homelands.

The latest round of ethno-religious victimhood erupted on Dec. 11 when Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale introduced the ‘2018 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada.’

The report prepared by Public Safety Canada identified the usual terror suspects as, among others, those inspired by “violent Sunni Islamist ideology.” But what was also included in the report caused a revolt in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal caucus by the party’s 18 Sikh MPs, according to Liberal MP Ruby Sahota.


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