Edmonton New Year’s baby arrives ahead of schedule

Mila Loma Bocauto welcomed Tia into the world at the Royal Alexandra Hospital at 12:08 a.m.

Baby Tia was an unexpected New Year’s baby arriving 21 days ahead of schedule

Baby Tia Alona Bocauto couldn’t wait.

She took her first breath at the Royal Alexandra Hospital Lois Hole Hospital for Women 21 days ahead of schedule.

That made her Edmonton’s first baby of 2019, something her mother Mila Lona Bocauto never expected.

“It was a surprising one,” said a beaming Bocauto, cradling a sleeping Tia, swaddled in a white blanket dotted with friendly lambs.

Bocauto thinks Tia may have arrived early because of all the recent activity. Bocauto was in the middle of moving to a new apartment and still needs to unpack and buy a crib.


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