‘I will not let you guys down,’ Machel Rayner vows, as permanent residency reinstated


Machel Rayner is spending this Christmas with his younger brother in Newfoundland after all, and says he no longer has to worry about his future in Canada.

“I am excited,” the Jamaican-born personal trainer told CBC News on Friday. “I am happy that I can continue to do what I came here to do: start over and rebuild.”

Rayner, 31, who is originally from Jamaica, said he was notified Wednesday his travel documents would be returned. And on Friday, he was told his permanent residency was in the mail.

Earlier this month, CBC reported that Rayner feared having to leave his adopted country of Canada, after he broke a rule he says he didn’t know existed.

In September, he had received confirmation of his permanent residency in Newfoundland and Labrador, the province he has called home for eight years. However, there was one more thing he had to do.

Rayner needed to find a good-paying job, one that could support him, his two younger siblings and his mother back in his home country of Jamaica.

But one false move — temporarily relocating to Halifax for work — put him at odds with the rules of the Newfoundland and Labrador government immigration program, which insisted that he stay put inside the province. The expulsion threw his life, and the lives of his family, into flux.

Machel Rayner, 31, left, and his brother, Shaquille, 23, pose in front of an iceberg. Rayner had feared he would have to leave his adopted country of Canada, after losing a chance at permanent residency because of breaking a rule he says he didn’t know existed. (Submitted)

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