TORONTO: Imam Aly Hindy says “you can’t prevent” polygamy in Canada

Top 10: Toronto Imam says “you can’t prevent” polygamy in Canada


1. Toronto Imam is issuing religious marriage certificates for polygamous relationships

A recent investigative report by the Fifth Estate has revealed that a Toronto mosque has been issuing marriage certificates for Muslims in polygamous relationships.

Polygamy is illegal in Canada under section 293 of the Criminal Code, however it is rarely prosecuted by the legal system.

“I’ve decided to have a marriage again, to take a second wife” says the undercover reporter to Imam Aly Hindy.

“We have no problem with the government because this is nikah [a Muslim marriage]. There is no problem,” says the Imam.

“We are not going to register. If you register then it is illegal because you are already married.”

When confronted with the video of his statements, Imam Aly Hindy says that “you can’t prevent” polygamy.

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