Conservative MP invokes Marrisa Shen’s murder in call for immigration screening review

Conservative MP invokes Marrisa Shen’s murder in call for immigration screening review

Michelle Rempel made the announcement in Burnaby South with her party’s byelection candidate

Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel chose Burnaby South as the venue to repeat her call for a review of Canada’s immigration screening process.

The Calgary MP held a press conference alongside Jay Shin, her party’s candidate in the contentious Feb. 25 byelection. Shin is facing NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Liberal Richard Lee, independent Valentine Wu and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson of the People’s Party.

Rempel invoked the murder of Burnaby teen Marrisa Shen in her call for a joint Parliamentary committee study “into how our security screening process can be strengthened.”

“Residents of Burnaby know all too well the consequences of poor security screening after the horrific and tragic murder of a young girl in 2017,” she said. “Cases like this highlight the gaps in our immigration screening system.”

Ibrahim Ali, a 28-year-old Syrian national who came to Canada as a refugee from Syria, was charged with Shen’s murder. There is no publicly known evidence to suggest Ali had a criminal record in Syria that was missed by Canadian officials.

Rempel said she will present a motion proposing the study in the House of Commons when it resumes sitting later this month.

“A Parliamentary study is the perfect venue to study this issue and hold Justin Trudeau to account to ensure Canadian safety,” she said.

Lee (who has replaced the Liberals’ former candidate Karen Wang), said he wasn’t sure whether he supports Rempel’s motion. He said that decision should fall to the appropriate committee members.

But, Lee said, Canada’s current immigration processes are already working well.

“I believe we have a really good screening process with the UN standard,” he said “I believe Canada is open to diversity, so that is our strength; and, of course, we have to ensure that our border is safe and secure.”

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