1. Hey,
    I just saw your interview with Jared Taylor. I’d never heard of you guys before. Who runs this site? Are you in Vancouver? I’m in Calgary but is there a way we can get in contact? What can I do to help?

  2. Good to see C.I.R. back online again.

    We need “all hands on deck” to inform real Canadians of what’s truly happening to our nation’s Euro-Canadian pattern that’s rapidly moving towards MINORITY-status if not acted upon immediately. (Currently [2018] down to 72% White-majority from 95% in 1981.)

    In just 3 or 4 decades, the un-welcomed demographic changes to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary has been unprecedented, and now this racial displacement model is happening to cities such as Winnipeg, Halifax, Moncton and Fredericton. If the good folks from the maritime provinces want to see a preview of this phenomenon headed their way, simply visit Canada’s larger cities to determine the dismal prospects for your own White children and grandchildren.

    1. Thank you. Good to see you again, Elliot Lake. Indeed, things are deteriorating rapidly in Canada. Our government has different priorities and interests.

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