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Trudeau’s immigration numbers boost poses many challenges

https://www.truenorthinitiative.com/trudeaus_immigration_numbers_boost_poses_many_challenges By: Candice Malcolm November 2, 2018 The Trudeau government is ramming through its plan to boost immigration levels, despite survey after survey showing that Canadians oppose this idea. An Angus Reid poll from August 2018 found that half of Canadians want lower immigration compared to only 6% who want increased numbers. Likewise, another Angus […]

Rempel says Trudeau has ‘no credibility’ on immigration

https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/rempel-says-trudeau-has-no-credibility-on-immigration-1.4159353 At her press conference, Rempel cited an Angus Reid poll from August which found that 49 per cent of Canadians wanted to see the country reduce its immigration intake – up from 36 per cent four years earlier and the highest number in the 43-year period since the question was first asked.