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Chinese-only signs erected across from Richmond City Hall

https://www.vancourier.com/news/chinese-only-signs-erected-across-from-richmond-city-hall-1.23179628 Signs appear contradictory to municipal policy, reignite debate Graeme Wood / Richmond News FEBRUARY 20, 2018 12:25 PM This pottery and home accessory business erected Chinese-only signs across from Richmond City Hall, despite apparent (non-enforceable) policies that encourage English on 50 per cent of signage. The Chinese-only signage of a new business, in the sightlines of […]

The Destruction of Richmond, British Columbia, through Chinese Migration

https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2015/08/destruction-of-richmond-british-columbia-through-chinese-migration.html There is a recent article in Richmond News about the “international media attention” the city of Richmond has been getting of late in lieu of its demographic transformation from a rather congenial British town a mere two decades ago into a crass Chinese land lot plastered with ugly Chinese commercial signs. Journalists from South Korea, Japan, Germany, and […]

Chinese reach majority in Richmond

https://www.richmond-news.com/news/chinese-reach-majority-in-richmond-1.23081026 2016 marks the first time in 25 years that Richmond has recorded a visible majority of people in Richmond along ethnic lines. Ethnic Chinese people now account for 52.5 per cent of the city’s population, according to the 2016 census. Over the past 10 years, since the previous long-form census of 2006, the ethnic […]